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The Sal-smoo Challenge

The Sal-smoo challenge wants to improve the way you view morning meals that break -the- fast.

Consuming live food, those that grow from seeds, will greatly enhance the overall biological functions of the body both internally and externally.

Digesting clean raw energy immediately following your morning wake will turn on your metabolism, cleanse toxins (including fat), give you hydration, and greatly improve the regeneration process of the human body.

Even though this challenge is focused on consumption before noon, take this time to take a closer look at your choices throughout the day. You are what you eat.

NOTE: Salad/Smoothie recipes must have 2 or more ingredients. I very much encourage making your own salad dressings and using seeded fruits, either fresh or frozen will work. Add greens to your smoothie. Use a variety of herbs. Steal other peoples recipes to make your own.

Answers to FAQs:

*Juicing is not the same as making a smoothie.

*Recipes will be provided to stimulate your creativity.

*Join us on Facebook to share and recieve smoothie recipes.

*Slushies, milkshakes, and smoothies are the same in my book but no dairy or soy.

*If you use protein powders (I personally don't), know what is in them. Most contain dairy/soy byproducts.


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