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When I started with Sherwood I was 439lbs and had lost a great percentage of my range of motion in my left leg and both arms. less than a year later I'm 353 and still losing. Most important I am equip to make good decisions about what I eat, what I do and how long I sleep. I've learned me first not just the physical weight has come off .

Living an Abundant Life

~Miss Kathy Ann Kendall 


When I first met you I admit I was lacking. I have always been active, And  I would go to the gym occasionally. I would eat whatever I wanted to & since I have always been petite I thought it was ok.  I had not been educated on fitness & a healthy lifestyle. I lost my way a little as far as working out when my Father passed. And it was hard getting back!

However, Sherwood you gave me a jump start (a jolt) back to exercise. Not only that! But, you taught me about eating healthy and reading the food labels . And that it's not just about having endurance, but being stronger & faster. (bet you thought I wasn't listening , but I was) LOL.. I also know that if I have any questions that you will answer them for me! You have truly inspired me to continue on a health & fitness lifestyle. Because I have allot of living & loving & things to do in my life! You gave me such a jolt that exercise & eating healthy is my lifestyle now. Yes some days are more challenging than others, but since my transformation I cannot see myself going back to the old ways. I am now a Fitness Instructor!

Thank you so much Sherwood!
Big ups to you! 

~Latoya Hill 


 I've been with Sherwood for about 3 years now and here's what I can say about his commitment:  he is relentless.  His whole lifestyle is fitness.  I can appreciate that a lot more than someone who does it just for a job.  Over the years I have had many successes (not as many as I would like) and they have all been due to his guidance.  When I am experiencing more success it is because I am following his advice.  When I am not so successful it is because I am not.  Aside from weight loss Sherwood has taught me how to get in touch with my body.  I now recognize the signs of eating too much dairy or not eating enough green vegetables.  My body tells me.  The other thing I have gained is endurance and strength.  I never knew I could do some of the things he challenges me to do.  I have not yet gotten to my ultimate goal of losing another 50 lbs but because of Sherwood's faith in me I now have faith that it will happen.  He is a great friend and trainer.  I'm in it for the long term and I know he will be right there beside me.



 I must admit when I was exercising with Sherwood, my health was much better. The routine was easy for me to follow and I was able to continue the work out at home.

 Thanks Sherwood
Eurshawn K. Julien 


"Sherwood's training style is not for wimps! He makes sure that you stay on track and doesn't let you lose sight of your goal. His tough, no-nonsense approach gets you the results that you need - you will definitely notice the positive difference in your body as well as your attitude. Working out with Sherwood will have you in better shape and eating healthy in no time."



 I enjoyed a new perspective when I chose to train with Sherwood.  He was able to evaluate my strength and imbalances.  We focused on activating  muscles my body typically neglected.  I always felt like I really worked those muscles after a workout with Sherwood.  He served as a reminder to activate my core on top of being a comprehensive health mentor.
~Rachel Malmborg


 I was just telling a few friends over here in Japan that you were the absolute best personal trainer that I have had yet. True indeed!  While you worked my nerves at times, LOL!   I knew it was your way of pushing and encouraging me to push myself to the limit, which BTW before working out with you I had not done before.  Mia and I both still talk about our training time with you and look at those old pictures of us and go, wow!  I have never been that tight and toned since, but I am taking what I learned from you and working on it - trying to get back there, or close to it at least.   If I were back in Chicago, I would certainly sign up with you again.  
Please let me know if you'd like to use me as a reference.  I would be happy to.  You can give my email address if you need.  

~Tonya Denise Williams 


I've been going to Sherwood for almost 4 years.  When my sister first asked me to join with her I did not want to (I didn't want to be big and bulky).  So I thought, it has not only been a rewarding experience physically, but one emotionally.  Although I am still not at my goal weight, my sessions with Sherwood have made me stronger, tone, and knowledgeable. Working out does not bulk you up so I thought, it tones your muscles, causing you to lose inches.  I make wiser decisions about food and fitness because of my sessions with Sherwood.  

~Robin Dungee 


 Thank you Sherwood for your gift of fitness. Based on your teachings I have gotten a better understanding of how each muscle group works, as well as gaining more knowledge of muscle/exercise, and how nutrition plays a very important role in bodybuilding, or simply staying fit.
~Ms. Charmaine Thomas


I met Sherwood at a health fair where I was promoting my books.  I am a Registered Nurse and have written a book on bible based weight control.  I have gone from a size 22 to 16, but have been on a plateau for a couple of years.  I have a lot of knowledge about health, metabolism and weight loss, but not always practicing what I preach!

 Sherwood has motivated me to stick to my plan.  He has convinced me that I need to be "stronger and faster." I need to continually challenge myself. Since I have been training with him have lost 10 pounds and 4 inches on my waist! But who's counting?  I have gotten much stronger and faster! 
The high tech fitness studio where I train is very nice too.

Thanks Sherwood for caring, and being a positive influence on health and fitness.
~Marcia Cody


You were always so incredibly hard on me, always pushing me beyond my limits. You've inspired me to always be conscious of my eating habits as well as my regime. If I choose to adhere, is totally contingent upon me. I can always hear you telling me that I have to get stronger,faster and continue to work my largest muscles....and to quit making excuses...LOL


I have worked with a number of personal trainers over the years, and I can say without hesitation that Sherwood is certainly one of the best that I have encountered. Not only does he focus on the physical aspect of getting in shape, but he provides a total program of healthy living from diet and calorie consumption, to joint and muscle care as well as the need to eliminate all types of unhealthy behavior that may lead to physical, mental and emotional breakdown and ultimate deterioration of the body.

Knowledge IS power. The workshops that Sherwood hosts offer a wealth of information that you can take back and incorporate in your own daily fitness and wellness routines. If there is only one thing that you take away from any one of his workshops, then I'd say it was time and money well spent. Even when I'm not actively working out with Sherwood one-on-one, he continues to teach me a tremendous amount about my workout or technique either through his advice or by receiving his newsletters. Thanks Sherwood!


In the 8 years of "going" to the gym I'd thought I'd done a fairly good job of "working out" or keeping fit....but soon after consulting and training with Sherwood Grant it was very clear that my efforts had become futile....I was not gaining any progressive improvements....or movements for that matter.

 I am grateful for Sherwood Grant's insightful knowledge on health and nutrition as well as his enthusiasm for living a healthy lifestyle which has helped me tremendously on my journey to become a Certified Fitness Professional.  I'd like to take this opportunity to compliment Sherwood Grant on the excellent fitness training, nutritional teachings, and professional services that he provides, all of which I believe, can help anyone live a healthy fit lifestyle.
~Shalanda L. Bouler

Certified Fitness Professional 


Right from the start, Sherwood Grant impressed me with his efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results that I was looking for by partnering with a personal trainer.

 Because of his years of experience and expertise, Sherwood has the ability to help make you the best at whatever fitness level you choose if you are willing to put forth just a little effort. 
My personal experience confirms that I partnered with the right fitness professional who is extremely knowledgeable, and I am glad to have made that choice.

~Tony S. 


I made a real commitment to positively change my lifestyle the day I signed up with you.  I will never regret that decision.  I've had other personal trainers but they only focused on what you need to do to be physically fit.  You gave me written material, and insight on how to live healthy for life.  Also, personal effort you put forth with your clients show that you genuinely care about their well being.

I can't thank you enough.

~Linda DuBose 


Sherwood you are truly the best trainer around.  You are caring and genuinely concerned about the welling being of your clients.  Even those like me that can be lazy and have a ton of excuses.  You have a unique way of motivating me to push a little harder.  I still put into practice a number of things I learned from you and have been able to maintain my two dress sizes I lost.  I went from a size 14 jeans to a size 10 and have room in the waist.  I still have to tone the body but I am happy with the changes.

~Jermelda Shine 


Where can I start. In 2005 I wasn't where I needed to be mentally to receive the help I needed to begin to be healthy holistically.  In 2008 I came to Sherwood again. Different space and place. Sherwood took me where I was and helped me to understand the benefit of being good to yourself in all areas.  Sherwood has a plethora of knowledge and challenges you to be a lifelong learner. He gives you a foundation based on your own strengths to build upon so that when you are not working with him you can still be working on you. He helps you to get to know yourself in relation to food and medicine. We have discussed food allergies, diabetes, and broken down what's in the junk that we sometimes consume.  Sherwood allows you to be who you are at the moment and pushes you to be better. I have a great appreciation for  Sherwood and his dedication to helping people live better longer. He is creative, caring and compassionate. Having been to other trainers I can say that this is more than a job to him. He continues to reach out to all of his clients current and former to see if he can be of assistance.
If I see a turtle on top of a fence I know it had help. Sherwood has equipped me with the tools to get on top of the fence.  



"You are an excellent motivator. You have the unique ability to encourage people through your personal healthy lifestyle and through your keen expertise in fitness and health! You also have the skill to pinpoint people's strengths and push them to continuously work on their weaknesses. I would recommend you hands down for total body fitness and health!"

~Dawn B. 


I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your support. You always tried to get me to do certain exercise when I was training with you and I would put up a fuss and fold my arms. You always said Carolyn give me some incline and a little jog. To be honest I didn’t listen to you because I was ashamed of my weight and I allowed my weight to stop me from progressing in my journey to a healthy lifestyle. Well, I jog hard for the 2nd time this week on the treadmill and I cried. My goal is to be a 4.0 speed and increase my incline above 2.5. I am pushing myself to the max because of your guidance and support. All things you said to me over and over are now apart of my life.



I trained with Sherwood for 2 years and in the beginning I had a very tough time doing what I was supposed to do, like not eating properly according to Sherwood's suggestions and complaining about the workout that Sherwood insist I do. After finally "submitting" and following his lead, I accomplished my goal of strength, tone and weight loss! ( I lost 25lbs). I told Sherwood that my goal was to be in fantastic shape and to also look and feel good by the time I turned 40. When my 40th birthday arrived, I reached my goal and was proud! So thanks to you Sherwood for continuing to be persistent and a pain in my side for those 2 years, it was well worth it. Keep up the great work!

~Melody Dungee


I had been on this diet and exercise roller coaster for many years. It wasn't until I started sessions with Sherwood that I started to see tremendous results with my body and became able to maintain my weight.

I have been working with Sherwood to “transform” my body into a fit and sleeker machine for a little while. Although I have had successes, my greatest accomplishment came within the past three months. I finally got the “miracle” transformation and began to shed those accursed pounds. I finally got the results I wanted once I “transformed” my eating habits. When I allowed myself to really embrace the information that Sherwood was giving me I was able to make what I consider real progress.

I, like all of Sherwood’s clients, was assigned the tasks of submitting a food diary and developing a meal plan. “I need to see what you are eating”, he said. Although I agreed, I must admit I was reluctant. I didn’t understand how and why this was necessary. I wondered, “Why can’t he show the “magical” movement that will slim my thighs, give me buns of steel and a beautiful 24 inch waist? What I eat does not matter as long as I do the proper exercise”. Even though I was more than a little reluctant Sherwood was always patient. “Once you change the way you eat you will see how easy this is,” he would say so often when I would “forget” my meal plan or food diary.

Finally, I got the message when I was forced to really think about what I was eating. Once I really starting eating six meals a day and being conscious of how much I was eating, I began to notice results. When people would ask what “diet” I was on or what pill I was taking, I would reply “I eat six small meals a day”. They looked bewildered and amazed when I explained that I changed the why I ate in addition to exercising (because I want to be fit and not flabby). “Six small meals,” they’d say. “You must be eating salads and drinking nothing but water”. I replied, “No, I give my body nourishment”.

As I would see the doubt in their eyes at my answer, I would hear Sherwood’s response to why the nutrition piece was necessary. “There is no magical movement. The bulk of your success is dependent upon what you put in your body”. Now I wonder, “Why did I fight it?”



Sherwood has taught me that the key to exercising is not the length or the endurance, it's the intensity. Since being introduced to the Body for Life program, which teaches healthy eating, portion control, and includes many delicious recipes, I've learned that for every fattening food l love, there is a healthier alternative.

This allows me to keep setting and achieving higher goals for my body. Although it's only been a little over a year, Sherwood with his suggestions, informative articles and passion for healthy living, has helped me tremendously in my quest to become a BEACH BUNNY at my current age of 40.



Sherwood has helped me tremendously in my weight loss. I have been attending his sessions, off and on, for the past 4 years. Unfortunately, my progress did not begin until the last year. I was not eating properly and thought that exercising was "sufficient enough". After constant lectures from Sherwood on the importance of eating properly and portion control, I knew I had to gain control of my diet. I finally decided to listen to my trainer and put together a plan that allowed the weight to come off faster. With a combination of Sherwood and the Body for Life Program, I have finally seen success!!!!I am by no means finish striving forward. The light is a lot clearer now, and I see no limit to what I can accomplish.

~Toyia S


As a new client and training for only one session,  I realized that I already  had something worthwhile to contribute.  What I found so compelling about your  training technique was that within one session, I learned that somewhere within my life circumstances, I became disconnected with my body.

It has been 4 weeks and  I feel more present in my body.  I am more connected with my core and I move with intentional flow and direction instead of simply "throwing weight around". I have a better understanding of engaging muscles for more efficient movement; not just for running and biking but for sitting, standing, and walking with more ease and grace.  Being conscious of my core, physically, mentally and spiritually, translates to improved confidence, improved habits, and a much happier me.   Competing with women half my age is vanity, being comfortable in my own skin again is priceless!


I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your support.  You always tried to get me to do certain exercise when I was training with you and I would put up a fuss and fold my arms.  You always said Carolyn give me some incline and a little jog.  To be honest I didn’t listen to you because I was ashamed of my weight and I allowed my weight to stop me from progressing in my journey to a healthy lifestyle.  Well, I jog hard for the 2nd time this week on the treadmill and I cried.  My goal is to be a 4.0 speed and increase my incline above 2.5.  I am pushing myself to the max because of your guidance and support.  All things you said to me over and over are now apart of my life.


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