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Schedule for Simple And Good Fitness

Simple And Good Fitness






Group Personal Training

90 Day Challenge Health Forum

Active Fitness Training



Transformation Group PT 12:30pm




      B.O.T.B      AFT Class




Recapture Group PT 6:00pm


Recapture Challenge 7:00pm


     Recapture      AFT Class 10:30am &  7:45pm



   B.O.T.B    Group PT 6:00pm


 B.O.T.B  Challenge 7:00pm 


       B.O.T.B       AFT Class 7:45PM



Group PT 7:30pm



        Open        AFT Class 9:00am



Group PT 6:00pm


Curvature Challenge 7:00pm


AFT Class 7:45pm





Transformation Group PT


Transformation Challenge


Transformation  AFT Class 



Group PT 8:30am


Challenge 11:30am


  Open    AFT Class 10:30am 

Group Personal Trainings (Group PT) allow participants to experience personal attention to increase power, speed, and strength thru the use of resistance training and functional movements. There will be a minimum of six people in this class with a maximum of eight people for this 16-week program. Cost is $90 every four weeks or $25 a session. Mandatory consultation will enable me to create your profile and empower me with knowledge of your athletic ability.          More info

90 Day Challenge Health Forum (Challenge) has five educational forums from which to choose. Each will provide you with weekly support to encourage a healthy lifestyle of balance, wisdom and vigor. Choose the workshop that you are comfortable with and allow the three-month plan to assist in enhancing your life. No exercise involved. Cost is $200 for 12 weeks.          More info

Active Fitness Training (AFT Class) will rev up and improve your energy level. This is a quicker paced class of 8-15 people who enjoy group classes and desire improved level of fitness without the use of machines and equipment. With good music, and positive energy, participants will enjoy the fun weekly challenges this class will expose you to. You have five AFT classes to choose from which correspond with the 90-day challenge workshops. Trainings are only $15. If you combine AFT classes with the 90-day challenge workshop, the cost is $350 for 12 weeks, a $60 savings.          More info

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