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Camp Recapture

Camp Recapture is a fitness camp for individuals who, during their adult prime, considered themselves in pretty good shape with no weight issues.  You once worked out regularly or had an active lifestyle, which you let slip away. 

Now you need to lose 10-25 pounds to recapture what you once had.  Kids, relationships, bad habits, or just plain laziness may be your excuse.  This camp will help you put a finger on what really went wrong and help you correct your path. 

You will identify your weaknesses and learn ways to overcome them.  I will teach basic functional movements in a progressive format.  When everyone has learned how to properly use their bodies, we will advance to the boot camp format.  We will perform warm-ups, active stretches and cool downs every session, in addition to our fitness regimen.  I will incorporate a new move(s) and other maintenance activites every week that you can practice.

All camps will be held at John Hall Studios, 310 S. Racine, 8th floor, Chicago, IL 60607. 

Free lot/street parking is available 

A $75, one-on-one, 75 minute consultation is mandatory before the start of the camp

The camp will meet once a week for 16 weeks or twice a week for 8 weeks

6 people minimum/8 people maximum

Classes will last 60 minutes

Consultation will enable me to create your profile and empower me with knowledge of your athletic ability.   

The fee, which must be paid one week prior to camp, is $360 for the full sixteen weeks (one session a week) or 8 week segment (two sessions a week).  Monthly payments plan can be negotiated and credit card payment can also be used.

Camps will be held on Saturday mornings at 8:30am and 10:30am and on Monday evenings at 6pm and Wednesday evenings at 7:45pm.  Weekday morning camps will be added upon demands.

Individual goals may vary, but outcomes will be the same for everyone.  You will get stronger, faster, more flexible with a healthier body inside and out.  All you need to do is follow the plan.

To set up your pre-screening and consultation, please email me at or call me at 708-445-9693.

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