Motivating, Educating and Elevating the
Awareness of the World's Greatest Creation
"The Human Body"

5-3-1 Flush



The purpose of this program is to help you release waste that lingers in
your body. As you lighten the load of toxins that cling to your cells, you
will begin to clear your mind from clutter as well.

 How the 5-3-1 Flush program works: The program is easy. All you
need to do is follow the meal plan outlined in this guide for 5 days, and
then you can return to your own eating habits for 5 days. Then you will
follow the meal plan again for 5 days, with another 5 days off. You will
do this for 3 cycles. By the time you finish the program – 5 days on, 5
days off, for 3 cycles – you will feel lighter, healthier, and rejuvenated.
I hope that you will also have your curiosity aroused to learn even more,
for the overall intent of the program is for you to be more attuned to the
miraculous machine that is your Human Body.

Understanding your body: Your body wants to live in a joyous state,
operating in natural unison with Laws of the Universe. The basic function
of every cell, organ and system is to digest what the body takes in,
activate what it can use, and eliminate what it does not need.

 The human body works best when it is fueled with high-vibration foods—
vegetation that grows above the earth and has seed, and plants that
grow naturally in the earth’s waters. When the body is cared for with
good nutrients, it rewards you with vitality and longevity.

 However, many hurdles can impede the body’s desire to operate on
good vibrations. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you have
probably made choices in your food and drink that have compromised
your body’s vitality and efficiency.

 Fortunately, such harm can be undone, but change is needed. You must
make choices that synchronize with the natural functions and flow of the
Human Body. The sooner you begin these changes, the easier it will be
for your body to heal itself.

 To realign the innate programming of your organic vessel, it is imperative
to remove the frozen waste material within the body to allow its selfhealing
mechanism to kick in. We must change what we eat, what we
think, what we say, and how we operate to be in unity with the Laws
of the Universe. These laws can guide us into another passage of time
where creativity is welcomed and fulfillment is waiting. To understand
your connection with the Universe, you must assist your human body in
assimilating knowledge, power and wisdom. This information is in real
food, food that communicates to the divine structure that you and I possess.

 Now if you feel this is deep, and that all you need is instruction on how
to put this program in operation, I do understand. However, know this
before jumping too far ahead of this short journal: food is not just a
physical entity, but it is and can be spiritual, emotional and mental. Your
vessel can be clogged in many ways in many places at different paths
where the energy of food flows. This program will help start the release
of physical waste, also please use this opportunity to eliminate the metaphysical
inflammation within your being.



© Copyright Sherwood A Grant -2018