Motivating, Educating and Elevating the
Awareness of the World's Greatest Creation
"The Human Body"


 Simple And Good Educational Cleanse Program


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This Highly Anticipated Program will provide many resources teaching about the proactive care of your body.

This Cleanse contains teas, capsules, powders and herbs geared toward resetting the body to heal itself naturally.

Included is a meal plan for the duration (28-35 days) of the program which you can continue to use thereafter, because the recipes are just that Simple And Good.  

The instruction manual not only contains menus, grocery lists and recipes, but also educational information to heighten ones vitality and longevity. 

Eliminating waste and freeing the body from constipation must be performed in a logical order, which is not abrasive to your system; this program will do just that.

This program is recommended for everyone, but especially those that present a history of one or more of the following complaints:

          -Anemia     -Bad breath     -Body Odor     -Blood pressure problem (high or low)    

          -Brittle nails     -Lack of concentration/ loss of memory     -Dark Circles under eyes    

          -Cold hands or feet     -Food Cravings     -Depression     -Fatigue    

          -Gas (upper and lower)     -Headaches     -Indifference     -Insomnia     -Irritability    

          -Low sex drive     -Malnutrition     -Menstrual problems     -Nausea     -Nervousness    

          -Low energy level     -Overweight/ pot belly     -Skin problems    

        -Swelling of legs and limbs     -etc... 

I applaud you for seeking a better YOU!


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The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated statements made about specific supplements nor does the Food and Drug Administration recognize that any nutritional supplement is to be used as a cure for any condition. Nutritional, herbal, mineral, and Electric Cell Food product supplementation, can be beneficial in certain health circumstances but not in every circumstance. Before using any nutritional supplement it is strongly advised that YOU seek the guidance of a licensed health care professional to help guide YOU in choosing any supplementation program.



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