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Celebrity Clients are people who have transformed their body and mind using Sherwood's program.

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I had been on this diet and exercise roller coaster for many years.  It wasn't until I started sessions with Sherwood that I started to see tremendous results with my body and became able to maintain my weight.

I have been working with Sherwood to “transform” my body into a fit and sleeker machine for a little while.  Although I have had successes, my greatest accomplishment came within the past three months.  I finally got the “miracle” transformation and began to shed those accursed pounds.  I finally got the results I wanted once I “transformed” my eating habits.  When I allowed myself to really embrace the information that Sherwood was giving me I was able to make what I consider real progress.

I, like all of Sherwood’s clients, was assigned the tasks of submitting a food diary and developing a meal plan.  “I need to see what you are eating”, he said.  Although I agreed, I must admit I was reluctant.   I didn’t understand how and why this was necessary.  I wondered, “Why can’t he show the “magical” movement that will slim my thighs, give me buns of steel and a beautiful 24 inch waist?   What I eat does not matter as long as I do the proper exercise”.   Even though I was more than a little reluctant Sherwood was always patient.   “Once you change the way you eat you will see how easy this is,” he would say so often when I would “forget” my meal plan or food diary.

Finally, I got the message when I was forced to really think about what I was eating.  Once I really starting eating six meals a day and being conscious of how much I was eating, I began to notice results.  When people would ask what “diet” I was on or what pill I was taking, I would reply “I eat six small meals a day”.   They looked bewildered and amazed when I explained that I changed the why I ate in addition to exercising (because I want to be fit and not flabby).   “Six small meals,” they’d say.   “You must be eating salads and drinking nothing but water”.  I replied, “No, I give my body nourishment”.

As I would see the doubt in their eyes at my answer, I would hear Sherwood’s response to why the nutrition piece was necessary.   “There is no magical movement. The bulk of your success is dependent upon what you put in your body”.   Now I wonder, “Why did I fight it?”

- Tiwanda 



Sherwood has taught me that the key to exercising is not the length or the endurance, it's the intensity.  Since being introduced to the Body for Life program, which teaches healthy eating, portion control, and includes many delicious recipes, I've learned that for every fattening food l love, there is a healthier alternative.

This allows me to keep setting and achieving higher goals for my body.  Although it's only been a little over a year, Sherwood with his suggestions, informative articles and passion for healthy living, has helped me tremendously in my quest to become a BEACH BUNNY at my current age of 40.


















 Sherwood has helped me tremendously in my weight loss.  I have been attending his sessions, off and on, for the past 4 years.  Unfortunately, my progress did not begin until the last year.  I was not eating properly and thought that exercising was "sufficient enough".  After constant lectures from Sherwood on the importance of eating properly and portion control, I knew I had to gain control of my diet.  I finally decided to listen to my trainer and put together a plan that allowed the weight to come off faster.  With a combination of Sherwood and the Body for Life Program, I have finally seen success!!!!  I am by no means finish striving forward.  The light is a lot clearer now, and I see no limit to what I can accomplish.

-Toyia S

You can do it also in 12 WEEKS!












I have always considered myself athletic.  In my twenties, I played basketball 3 or more times a week.  I also went to the gym 3 times a week to weight train.  I ate whatever I wanted.  My diet was bad, eating cake or a dozen donuts, fast-foods, candy bars or whatever my eyes/taste buds desired.  Yet, with all the activity I performed, I still felt I was supposed to have a cover model's body.  I knew I needed to set a goal and get on a plan.

It was in 1999 that I participated in the Body for Life Challenge, which was a 12 week transformation contest.  I figured I had nothing to lose, it was free and if someone else did it, then so could I.  At the very least, I knew that I was going to improve my appearance.   I used the information the contest provided.  I put myself on a regimen, I was consistent, I was persistent and I was determined.  I found it challenging because I had to change many of my habits.  There were some days when I slacked off and felt I was not making strides.  What I didn't realize was just how much my body had changed, until I compared the before and after pictures. It was at this point in my life that I realized I had been doing things backwards in regards to health/fitness.  I was motivated to learn more and to help others.  I had discovered a passion. At the end of the contest, I was just appoaching my 31st birthday.

Now 12 years later, I am helping hundreds, personally, and thousands, indirectly, to pursue a healthier, more vibrant and fit lifestyle.  My journey is never over.  I constantly seek ways to improve myself and others.  My task in life is to be progressive.  I plan to live to be 120 years old, while maintaining agility and strength in mind, in body and in spirit.  By my 43rd birthday August 17th of this year, I will make even more of a transformation than I made 12 years ago.  Knowledge is power and I have equipped myself with the knowledge of the health/fitness industry so that I know exactly what I must do.  I plan to continue to share my knowledge as I educate myself to help eliminate unhealthy temples (bodies).  Join me and celebrate a year of CHANGE.

- Sherwood 











When I was his age, I was weighing 175 pounds and standing 6 feet tall.  At 17, he is just about that height but weighs pretty close to 210 pounds.  Is it genetic or a combination of good eating habits with a sound knowledge of exercise execution?  Can you unlock your child's physical potential with proper nutritional guidance?  After Dorion's mother met an untimely death from breast cancer in 2007, I knew it was imperative that I teach him the power of good nutrition.  I want to equip you and your loved ones with this knowledge, as well, so that nature may take its course.

-D. Grant (my son)





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