Motivating, Educating and Elevating the
Awareness of the World's Greatest Creation
"The Human Body"


Whatch Got To LOSE?


Whatcha Got 2 LOSE?

90 Day Health & Fitness Challenge.

12 weeks of continued support.

3 month plan to success.

Get results from a plan that is easy to understand and simple to use. Motivation, dedication and direction are what we will provide. Answers to your questions are what you will receive.


This program teaches how to live a lifestyle of balance, wisdom and vigor. No matter what your present and past choices have been, no matter what you have been socialized to believe, truth will set you free. To be free of the shackles of poor health, free of self-inflicted dis-ease, free of habits that are destroying families, free of societies limited knowledge of how to truly care for the human body is definitely a worthy achievement in life.


This program will give you the needed new start in life. So let us divorce the old and marry the new.


Choose from five Simple And Good Health Forums.  All classes start in September 2013.

      Battle of the Bulge (BOTB) – Men that want to eliminate their potbelly.

Curvature – Slim bodies that want to fill out and gain weight.

Harmony – Couples and families. Mate & students 18+ half-price and under 18 is free.

Recapture – Weight under 250 lbs. and/or as adult average weight was under 200 lbs.

Transformation – Weight over 250 lbs. and/or as adult always weight over 200 lbs.


Open registration for all forums will be held at John Hall Studios, 310 S. Racine 8th floor, every Saturday of August 2012 from 9:30am-11:00am.  Registration closes once sessions begin or when class fills.  Contact me at to secure registration date and time.  Waiting list for next Health Forums will be available.

$50 registration fee, which covers weight and body fat measurements and the course outline, will be taken at registration.  Fee for the course is $60 every four weeks or $150 for the 12 weeks. 

All classes start week first week of September 2013 and are each 40 minutes. 

Maximum of 20 people per class. 

A progressive outlined curriculum will be used to assure phenomenal results. 

Corresponding SAG Active Fitness Training (AFT) classes will be offered to forum participants at a discount.  SAG Active Fitness Training (AFT) cost is $60 for 4 sessions but for forum participants it is $150 for the 12 weeks.

Whatcha Got 2 LOSE? 90-day challenge package $350, a $60 savings.


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